To be able to use modeling variables in a product model, you have to create them in the form. Before you create a set of modeling variables, consider which parameters are most important for the definition of the configured item. It may be helpful to start by drawing the product, to give the modeling variables a visual aspect.

Create modeling variables

  1. Click > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. Type the variable name in the field.

    Note Note

    If the variable name starts with a number, you will receive a syntax error.

  4. Select the variable type in the field.

  5. Type the description.

  6. Select the tab and then type the help text for the modeling variable.

Additional steps for Table variables

For modeling variables, you must complete additional fields on the tab.

  1. In the field group, select the Microsoft Dynamics AX table from which data should be fetched in the field.

    Note Note

    Do not use tables containing more than 255 values for the field you are going to use.

  2. In the field, select the name of the table field from which data should be fetched.

  3. In , select a field name to be shown in the lookup list.

  4. If you want only some of the values found in the table, click and in the opened form, specify which table values you want the user to be able to select from during item configuration.