On the tab in the form, select or to set up accounts to post provisions for reserve or transfers from reserve amounts to general ledger.

and are transaction types that are used only for the reserves at sales of fixed assets with profit.

Usually when a fixed asset is sold with profit, the profit has to be recognized in the year of sale and then posted to the profit and loss part of the chart of accounts.

In some countries/regions, however, legislation allows you to postpone profit recognition (and taxation) to later years. and meet these requirements.

Provision for reserve

When a fixed asset is sold with a profit, the profit can be credited to a account, which should be set up as a balance sheet account. Later this reserve is dissolved when a replacement fixed asset is acquired or when the legal deadline for dissolution of the reserve expires.

The account is used for posting the profit to a balance sheet account. Therefore, the is in the liability part of the balance sheet. The removes the provision amount, which is the difference between the sales price and the net book value, from the fixed asset value and sets the value of the fixed asset to zero.

Transfer from reserve

The accounts are for dissolution of the reserves. The is used for revenue recognition of the deferred profit and the sets off the for .

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