The configuration dimension is an item dimension.The purpose of configurations is to specify variants of an item instead of creating several items you have to maintain. For example, the configuration dimension can be used to associate model variations of an item. When the configuration dimension is enabled, you need to specify the configuration dimension whenever specifying the item number.

For items of type Bill of Materials (BOM), the configuration dimension lets you operate with configurable items. An item is configurable if you select the check box on the form. The principle with a configurable item is that you specify all used components for all configurations in one common BOM. By assigning configuration groups on the different BOM lines, you are able to specify which BOM lines should be used for each configuration. Configurable items can also be utilized in the Route, where you are able to specify different times, workcenters, and so on, for specific configurations.

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To maintain a forecast directly in a configuration, in the form, click .

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