An inventory aisle has an aisle identification (ID) and an aisle number, which can be the same. The aisle ID, typically the first part of the location name, is an alphanumeric identifier for an aisle. The letters help identify a particular warehouse or area within the warehouse.

The aisle number is a numeric identifier of the aisle in the warehouse. Do not add place-holding zeros at the beginning of the aisle number. Use the aisle number to generate sorting codes.

Assign unique IDs to the inventory aisle using the and fields.

Inventory location model

The following model is used for inventory locations:

  • Inventory aisles are composed of racks.

  • Racks are made up of shelves.

  • Shelves contain bins.

Together, all of these comprise the inventory location.

Tip Tip

To view the inventory aisles from the form, click .

To automatically attach locations to a warehouse, on the form, click , and then select .

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