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Use this form to define, manage, and view the settings of expense distribution sheet reports.

You can choose between two different report types:

  • – Produces a classical view of the expense distribution sheet and compares the results of different dimensions.

  • – Compares results within one dimensionor hierarchy but over different periods and value types.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create and view expense distribution sheets.

General tab

View or edit additional information about the selected expense distribution sheet.




Copy the settings of an entire expense distribution sheet to a new sheet.

Define, manage, and view the report lines that are used in the report.

Define, manage, and view the report columns that are shown in the report.




Number or code of the report.

Short description of the report.

The expesne distribution sheet (EDS) can be used for the different report types. Select from and to define the report type.

Select a line structure. Cost lines of this line structure are used as report lines for the report.

Select the calculation type that you want to use for this expense distribution sheet. You can select a period, special, or plan calculation.

The EDS can be used to report results of divisions as well. If you want to report results this way, select a hierarchy in this field.

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