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Use this form to obtain an overview of the sales order lines that have not been executed and that have the status . The status means that the sales order lines have not been and .

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View open sales orders.

View more detailed information about each sales order.




Select which inventory dimensions to display in the form by clicking > .




The customer or vendor account number

Use the ExternalAccount to create customers and vendors. Alphanumeric characters are allowed.

  1. Enter the length of the longest possible account number.

  2. Select between and .

The sales order number that the line is attached to.

The item's identification. Type the number yourself or insert it by clicking the field.

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Select an item configuration to specify an item with specific attributes.

Specifies the size of the item

Specifies the color of the item.

Enter the warehouse in which you will store your items.

Enter the batch number dimension. If you select and in the upper section of the or form, you can change the batch number for the transfer order line.

Enter the serial number dimension. If you select and in the upper section of the or form, you can change the serial number for the transfer order line.

You can manually specify a confirmed delivery date.

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The number of sales units not yet delivered. The value in this field is used as a default for the field when the sales order is packing-slip updated with the quantity parameter in the Sales posting (form).

The quantity of items in the sales unit.

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The number is a unique field that is used to identify a sales order. It must be specified when you create a sales order.

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By default, the Sales namefield contains the customer name. However, you can give the order any name appropriate for queries and printing.

The date and time on which the record was created.

Click to obtain a list of all existing customers.

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The is used if the account number of the customer you want to invoice differs from that of the customer who placed the sales order.

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Select the About sales order typesby clicking this check box.

You can change an order type at any time except when an order has the status .

The order status is automatically updated and indicates how far the purchase order has progressed in its cycle.

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The document status shows which document was last printed from the current order.

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Type or click a deadline date for the sales order.

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