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Use this form to record the outcome of an action. When you record a response, the action's status is automatically changed to Ended and nothing more can be done with the action.

If the action is one in a series of actions, you can indicate whether to derive an action from a particular type or an action template by selecting from the and check boxes.

If you specified a subaction, when you click the dialog box appears. If the response type is already assigned to an action type that is one of a series of actions, the and check boxes will automatically include information about the next action in the series.

Tasks that use this form

Record the outcome of an action




Displays the action type.

Enter a description of the action.

Employee who is responsible for the action.

Select a response type for the action. Use the response type to record the outcome of the action. You can only choose from the responses that have been selected for the action type.

Tip Tip

The response type should not be selected when the action is created; instead, select it when the action has been executed and can therefore be ended, or when it is postponed or canceled.

Note Note

You can only record responses for actions whose status is Planned. When you record a response, the action is ended automatically and nothing more can be done with it.

Detailed note from the response type that is indicated for the action. When you specify a response for an action whose status is Planned, the response boxes are locked.

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