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Use this form to specify system accounts for automatic transactions that are not set up elsewhere in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The first time you set up the system accounts, click , and the application automatically creates entries in the field. You can then select the corresponding ledger accounts and manually set up other system accounts, according to company needs.

Create automatically

The first time you set up the system accounts, click .The program creates entries in the field.

When you select the relevant account number, the name of the system account is inserted.

Note Note

If you want to interrupt updates with an error message when the error account is used in the posting process, select the check box in the form.

Create individually

When you have created some system accounts automatically, optionally set up accounts for each posting type listed below:

Note Note

If you want to register or manually change a cash discount in the settlement process, you must set up a cash discount system account.

If you want to offer a discount on the total invoice amount, you must set up a customer invoice discount and/or a vendor invoice discount.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Select the ledger account for the posting types that are created.

General tab

View the tab information for the selected posting type.




Create posting types for system accounts.




The posting type for the current account. The type is set automatically when the button is activated, but you can add additional posting types manually.

Ledger account number for the current posting type.