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Use this form to create and manage reminders of special events, arrangements, or actions related to an employee. For example, you can use to:

  • Assign an employee as responsible for filling in for an employee taking scheduled leave.

  • Keep a record of agreements with an employee.

  • Keep a record of disciplinary actions.

To see reminders for a particular date, enter a date in the box under to filter on the date.

You can delete records at any time. However, it is a good idea to keep records because they provide a good history of events.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

General tab




Select the employee who is the subject of the record.

Select the type of record you want to create. If the type you want is not in the list, you can create it in Employee record types.

Select the date on which you created the record.

Enter the date on which the record will expire.

Select the employee who is responsible for the record.

The number of days within which the record should be followed-up.