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Use this form to view archived registrations from shop floor control. For more information about archived registrations see Clean up registration table.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Select which employee to show transactions for.

Select which profile date to show transactions for.




Overview tab

View raw registrations.

General tab

View information about one specific raw registration.




View previous day.

View next day.

Move raw registrations to archive table or export them to a file.

Load registrations from file into raw registration archive table.




Employee number.

Type of registration.

Date and time of the registration.

Profile date to which the item is linked.

Employee number of the pilot if the registration is inherited while working as assistant.

Unique job identification (ID).

Job identification for an absence registration.

Unique ID for the record in the database.

Reference of the matched record.

If this is the start job, the referenced job is the stop job.

Checked if the employee is still working on the job.

Quantity of started items.

Quantity of good items.

Quantity of scrapped items.

Status of the production job:

1 indicates that the employee no longer works on this job but it has not been reported as finished.

2 indicates that the employee no longer works on the job and has reported it as finished.

Cause of error for the scrapped items.

Identification of the terminal where the registration was made.

Description of when this registration was archived.