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Use this form to assign contact persons, employees, or complete sales units to the active e-mail group.

The existing members of the active e-mail group can be seen in the list to the right of the form, in the field group. Their e-mail addresses, SMS mobile (cell) telephone numbers, and the of the e-mail message can also be viewed.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Provides an overview of all of the business relation contact persons, together with their SMS numbers and e-mail addresses.

Provides an overview of all employees and their e-mail addresses.

Provides an overview of the sales unit in a tree structure form.




Arrow Left (>)

Add an active employee, contact person, or complete sales unit to the e-mail group.

Arrow Right (<)

Remove an active employee, contact person, or complete sales unit from the e-mail group.




The contact person's unique identification number, based on a number series in the form.

The Contact Person ID number is not displayed in many forms, but it is used as a reference in some forms, for example in the tab in the form, and may be displayed in these forms.

The full name of the contact person.

The contact person's direct e-mail address.

Specify the contact person's mobile telephone number for receiving SMS (text messages) in this field. You can send the recipient an SMS through your mail system if your Internet Service provider supports sending SMS messages by e-mail.

Type an employee ID code of your choice. This information is mandatory.

Type the name of the employee. This information is optional.

The e-mail address of the contact person.

E-mail address for sending SMS to a mobile telephone.

How the e-mail message is sent to the recipient:

  • Directly ( ) to the recipient.

  • As a copy ( ) to the recipient.

  • As a blind copy ( ) to the recipient.

If is specified, no e-mail message will be sent to the active e-mail group member.