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Use this form to specify the ledger accounts to which fixed asset transactions are posted.

The correct posting account for any fixed asset transaction is determined on the basis of the parameter combinations you set up as posting profiles.

You must set up at least one posting profile.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create a new posting profile by name and description, or view a list of current posting profiles.

General tab

View the tab information for the posting profile that is selected on the tab.

Create or view the parameter combinations that determine which accounts the fixed asset transactions will be posted to if it is assigned the posting profile that is selected on the tab.

The key parameters are:

  • The fixed asset transaction type. These are all listed in the window.

  • The value model used.

  • The value in the field, by which you can set up one posting profile for all fixed assets, one for each fixed asset group, or one for each or some particular fixed asset.

You must select a ledger account and offset account for each possible transaction type/value model combination.

Note Note

The ledger account is usually a balance sheet account to which changes in the value of the fixed asset are posted, and the offset account is a profit and loss account, which tracks the income or expenditure created by the transaction, but there can be exceptions. It is crucial that the posting profiles meet the financial reporting requirements of the company.




Set up the posting accounts the program will use when a fixed asset is sold or scrapped.




Identification of the posting profile that is the reference connecting the fixed asset transactions with the ledger accounts when a fixed asset transaction is posted.

Description of the purpose of the posting profile, which can be useful especially if several posting profiles are used.

Select a value model for posting. For each transaction type there must be a setup for all value models which are used for posting.

For ledger postings, three levels exist in the setup of posting profiles:

  • - One account set up for each fixed asset.

  • - One account set up for each fixed asset group.

  • - One account set up for all fixed assets.

The options in this list depend on the selection made in the field.

  • If has been selected, the lookup will show all fixed assets, and accounts are set up for the individual fixed asset.

  • If has been selected, the lookup will show all fixed asset groups, and accounts are set up for fixed asset groups.

  • If has been selected, there will be no lookup, because the accounts will automatically be related to all fixed assets with the value model.

Account number for posting in general ledger for the transaction type. The fixed asset transactions posted to the account in this list are usually related to the value of fixed assets; therefore, mostly balance sheet accounts are used for this setup.

Some options are available only if your company configuration includes the specific country/region configuration key(s).

Offset ledger account for the transaction type. The transactions posted on those accounts concern income or expenditures; therefore, mostly accounts from the profit and loss part of the chart of accounts are used here.

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