Use this form to track inventory dimensions throughout Microsoft Dynamics AX. The form shows related receipts and/or issues for a transaction in relation to a specific inventory dimension. The trace is illustrated as a tree structure.

Note Note

To see the settlements attached to an item, right-click the item, and then, in the shortcut menu, click or .

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




See related receipts and/or issues for an inventory dimension.

The inventory dimension trace is displayed differently depending on which check boxes you select on the tab. For example, select the check box if you want to have the item name displayed in the inventory dimension trace.




Select to see where the items have been used, or select to trace the supply of the items.

Select to list inventory dimensions by date. For example, a purchase order invoice updated on December 1, lists only the item transactions purchased before December 1, and not after.

NoteIn the area, you can select different inventory and item dimensions to make the trace more specific to certain dimensions. For example, if you select the check box, only those item transactions with a common batch number are listed.

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