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Use this form to view radio frequency identification (RFID) transactions.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View all transactions that are associated with the current option.

General tab

View individual transactions.




Display records according to the filter that you select:




View the current RFID transaction state.

View the date and time when the RFID transaction was made.

Displays the RFID tag identification.

View the RFID server name.

View the RFID process name.

View the logical name of the RFID device.

View the RFID business process type.

View the tag type according to Electronic Product Code (EPC) standard (SGTIN/SSCC).

View the EPC manager of the item.

View the type of EPC object (item, case, or pallet).

View the EPC object.

View the EPC serial number.

A unique user-defined code that is assigned when items are created.

We recommend that you do not use special characters or spaces in the item number.

Specifies the color of the item.

Specifies the size of the item.

Select an item configuration to specify an item with specific attributes.

Serial number dimension.

Unique identification (ID) for the pallet (Serial Shipping Container Code).