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Use this form to get an overview of the outstanding customer debt and general financial information related to a customer and an invoice proposal.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




The discount on the transaction line.

The total of the invoice lines when the line discount has been deducted.

The total discount on the invoice.

The miscellaneous charges on the invoice.

The sales tax on the invoice calculated in the sales tax settlement currency.

The amount that is rounded off from the result in the field.

The total invoicing amount for the invoice. The amount is the result of adding the and the amounts.

The cash discount amount that is included in the customer transaction when invoicing.

The cost amount in the currency of the invoice.

The quantity of delivered items.

Weight of delivered items.

The volume of delivered items.

The amount of hours on the transaction line.

The total invoicing amount for the invoice stated in the local currency.

The total on-account invoiced amount posted to the balance sheet.

The total invoiced revenue.

The total amount invoiced for the transaction.

The contribution margin of the invoice.

The credit limit of the customer.

The credit available for the customer.