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Use this form to set up the consumption factors that you can select for that are attached to depreciable fixed assets.

A consumption factor does not need to be assigned to a depreciable fixed asset, but if a consumption factor has been selected for a fixed asset value model in , the consumption factor is used to calculate depreciation proposals.

In the pane, for the factor that is selected on the tab, specify depreciation periods by , and define the consumption by either or .

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Set up consumption factors.

General tab

View the tab information for the consumption factor that is selected on the tab.




Identification of the consumption factor.

A description of the factor identification.

Enter or view the quantity that the program will suggest for depreciation of a fixed asset in a depreciation proposal for the period ending on the .

The percentage that is used to multiply the estimated consumption quantity on the for the fixed asset, yielding a depreciation quantity suggestion in the depreciation proposal for the period with the selected .

Enter the date when the specified factor or gauge level must be reached.

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