You can connect an Application Object Server (AOS) instance to a different database. You may want to do this in the following situations:

  • Moving from a development or staging environment to a production environment.

  • Upgrading a Microsoft Dynamics AX system.

Note Note

If you are trying to connect to a database that was not created by Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup, the AOS account (the domain account or Network Service account associated with the AOS service) may not have appropriate rights in Microsoft SQL Server. The AOS account must be a user in the database, and be assigned to the following database roles db_ddladmin, db_datareader, and db_datawriter.

Connect to a different database

  1. Open the Server Configuration utility ( Start> Administrative Tools> Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility).

  2. Verify that the currently selected AOS instance and configuration are the ones you want to modify.

  3. On the Database connectiontab, enter the details of the database you would like to connect to, and then click OK.

    For a SQL Server connection, consider the following:

    • To specify a SQL Server named instance, use the format MyServer\MyInstance.

    • To specify the local SQL Server instance on this computer, enter (local).

    For an Oracle connection, consider the following:

    • Choose whether to connect using a net service or custom settings.

    • In the Use this schemabox, specify the schema under which the Microsoft Dynamics AX objects are stored in the database.

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