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Use this form to change the fixed asset group or fixed asset number of the fixed asset that you selected in the form.

The fixed asset should be assigned to the correct fixed asset group. The fixed asset group is used when you complete the following tasks:

  • Create inquiries and reports

  • Set up new fixed assets

  • Integrate ledgers and post fixed asset transactions to appropriate ledger accounts


To transfer a fixed asset to another department, you must change the fixed asset group. For instance, change the fixed asset car group from "Company cars–management" to "Company cars–sales department."

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




The group to place the fixed asset in that you selected in .

A fixed asset number is assigned to the fixed asset that you selected in number if you select this check box.

The new fixed asset number for the fixed asset that you selected in .

The field is active if you selected the check box. If automatic numbering is set up for fixed assets, the field shows the next available fixed asset number. You can change the number, as necessary.

If manual numbering is set up, the field is blank and you must enter the new fixed asset number.




Closes the form without changing the fixed asset group.

Changes the fixed asset group.

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