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Use this form to set up pallets or to view information on individual pallets.

Note Note

If you leave the Pallet ID field blank when you create new pallets, and you set up a number sequence for the Pallet ID, the pallet is automatically given an identification when the record is saved.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View, edit, or create pallets.

General tab

View information about the pallet selected on the Overview tab.




Displays on-hand inventory by inventory dimensions.

Shows the inventory transactions for the item or the lot.

Shows information for pallet transports.

Open the following submenu items:

  • Move pallet – Move pallets.

    The on-hand inventory on the pallet is moved together with the pallet.

  • Create input transport – Find a bulk type location that the pallet can be moved to.

  • Counting – Activates online counting.

  • Trace – Track inventory dimensions throughout the application in one window. View related receipts and/or issues for a transaction in a tree structure.

Open the following submenu items:

  • Pallet label – Print pallet labels.

  • On-hand – Print a pallet list.




Unique identification of the pallet.

More help…

Specifies the type of pallet.

For more information, see Pallet type (form).

Specifies the warehouse where the pallet is located.

Specifies the location of the pallet.

Shows the height of the pallet, including items.

Microsoft Dynamics AX uses this height when searching for a location for the pallet.

RFID tag ID.