Import data that has been exported from any other business management application. As a prerequisite for data import, you must have one or more files holding data that have been exported from another system.

Note Note

A period must be used as the decimal symbol to be recognized by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Working with data import

  1. Make sure that the current company account is the one that you want to import data into.

    Note Note

    Do not import data into the non-company specific DAT company account.

  2. Click > > > .

  3. Select a definition group and then click to set import options, as described in Configure tables for definition groups, and close the form.

    Note Note

    Before actually performing an import, click the tab on the form to preview the result of the import.

  4. In the form, select the definition group, and then click .

  5. When the import is complete, the Infolog provides information about the number of records that have been imported. The form also shows import information about the tab.

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