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Use this form to set up accounts for the removal of one fixed asset, a group of fixed assets, or all of the fixed assets from the company's balance sheet when the fixed assets are sold or disposed of.

The accounts for reversing fixed asset transactions at disposal are set up separately, but in the same way for and disposal. Setting up ledger accounts for disposal is similar to the setup of ledger accounts in .

If the net book value of a fixed asset with several value models is posted in the balance sheet for several accounts, you must reverse all the relevant values in the various accounts when you sell or dispose of the asset.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of the disposal parameters and create new disposal parameters.

General tab

View details of the selected disposal parameter.




Identification of the value model.

Select , , or , which defines, if this posting rule shall be valid for one particular fixed asset, for a fixed asset group or for all fixed assets.

This list is related to the selection in .

If is selected, the list of all fixed assets is displayed, and a posting rule must be defined for a particular fixed asset.

If is selected, the list of all fixed asset groups is displayed, but the posting rule will be valid for the selected fixed asset group only.

If is selected, a list of asset groups will not be displayed and the posting rule will be available for all fixed assets.

is the transaction type to be reversed. The transaction types are the same as the transaction types used for basic asset transactions, , , and . Most of the transaction types are used twice - one for and one for - because the transactions are often posted to different accounts and must be reversed from different accounts, also. The distinction between and is done automatically, based on the posting dates of the transactions.

Two additional transaction types, and , also are available. The is the amount received for the fixed asset at disposal. is the value of the fixed asset that might be a result of different asset transactions posted to different accounts. and are used for calculation and posting the profit (or loss) amount for the asset disposal.

The default value of this column is because the same ledger accounts often are used for the disposal, whether the fixed asset was disposed of with a profit or loss. However, to set up ledger accounts for the same value model and the same fixed asset differently for disposals with profit and disposals with loss by select and , respectively.

Select the ledger account where the reversal of the different balances of asset accounts is posted.

Select ledger offset account where the reversal of the different balances of asset accounts is posted.