Select one of the following options:

  • , and – Posting accounts. The profit and loss account is used for recording revenue and expenses. The sum of all operating accounts determines the year-end results. The revenue and the cost accounts have the same function as the profit and loss account.

  • , and – Transaction accounts that record the amounts that a company owns or owes. If you use asset and liability accounts, the accounts can have a higher degree of specification and you can more precisely structure reports about the company balance.

  • – Lets you enter the name of an account as a header.

  • – Used to create a space.

  • – Creates a new page immediately before the designated account and uses the name of the account as a header.

  • – Used to add account intervals. Configure the account type by using the form, which totals group balances for all account intervals.

  • – Creates a sum of all accounts that start with the account number of the group total account. The system will automatically select the account type depending on the setup in in the form. Group totals can be printed in standard reporting, for example, and in the and ledger reports.