This configuration key controls access to investment projects and the related functionality. If this key is enabled, investment projects can be set up. Investment projects are projects with no immediate earnings. Only cost of items, hours, and expenses can be registered on an investment project. The estimate feature is applied to track and control costs. The costs can then be posted to the WIP accounts in the balance sheet during the project. When the project is eliminated, the value is transferred to a fixed asset, a ledger account, or to a new project as an expense transaction.

Features enabled by the Investment configuration key

Areas affected


Check boxes:

  • All check boxes in , , and reports.

Drop down lists for project-type fields also include an option for selection.


To allow the use of investment projects with provisions for foreseeable losses, the configuration key must be enabled. If the total estimate costs on an investment project exceed the maximum capitalization limit, the loss is taken immediately, and an expense transaction is created.