Items that use product modeling must be of the BOM type, with the check box selected in the form. Additionally, they must be attached to a product model.

Note Note

You can attach an item to a product model in the upper pane of the form.

Product modeling can be used whenever you create a new sales, purchase or production order line or quotation line for a modeling-enabled BOM item. Product modeling is enabled in one of the following ways, depending on the type of order or quotation line you create:

Sales order lines

Click in the lower pane ofthe form ( > ).

Purchase order lines

Click in the lower pane of the form ( > ).

Production order lines

To create a new production order, press CTRL+N in the form ( > ).

Select a modeling-enabled item in the field and then click .

Sales quotation lines

Click in the lower pane of the form ( > or > ).

When line configuration is opened in this manner, the product model's user dialog box is generated by the product model's lineup of modeling variables. The user then enters the required values or outcomes, and approves the configuration. Finally, the module processes the item's modeling tree to generate a bill of material and a route for the item, and this BOM and route are attached to the order line.