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Use this form to set up all employees in the Shop Floor Control employee table to be able to make time registration. In the employee table, you can only add employees who are already entered in the standard employee table in the menu.

For example, employees are connected to a profile group, a calculation group and an approval group. Additional information regarding wages is specified in this table.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create, activate, or inactivate employees.

General tab

View information about the specific employee selected on the tab.




Opens the form.

Specify a planned absence for the employee.

Set up and lock choice of profiles for certain days.

View, recalculate and adjust flexible hours.

view and recalculate employee balances.

View or add switch codes for an employee.

View or create groups for calculating statistics for pay types.

Schedule a loan of an employee to another calculation or approval group.




Employee's identification number.

Name of the employee.

Used in automatic profile searches. All employees are linked to a profile group. Different profiles are linked to the profile group. This enables the Shop Floor Control system to automatically select a profile based on the employee's clock-in time.

The calculation group to which the employee is linked.

Select the approval group. All employees are linked to an approval group, which is used for approving the employees´ registrations.

Select a profile to be used if the employee has not clocked in for the day and no profile is given by the .

Select the pay agreement to which the current employee is to be linked. The pay agreement is used to set up which pay types are to be used when the employees' pay transactions are created. The Standard pay agreement is used if no pay agreement is linked to the profile.

Select if the employee is to be able to register in Shop Floor Control.

Enter a date from when the employee is to be active in Shop Floor Control.

Enter the pay period for which pay is generated.

If password is required, enter the password here.

Enter the number that identifies the employee in an external pay system.

If employees register using input devices other than PCs, view the badge identification that identifies the employee.

View the current version of the employee's badge.

Select to stop active jobs for the employee when the employee starts a new job. Otherwise, new jobs are bundled with previously started jobs.

Attach the cost category to be used as the default when employees register on projects.

Select to indicate that this record is a machine and do not need to clock-in and clock-out or register absence.

Indicates whether the employee is using the electronic timecard for registration of time.

Enter a specific registration form configuration that this employee uses. When the employee registers their identification in a registration form, the form changes the configuration to the selected type.

Date from which an employee's seniority is calculated when generating pay.

If the field is selected, the employee is allowed to use time profiles containing flex zones and a must be selected.

Group identification for the flex group that controls the balance of flexible hours.

Opening balance for flexible hours.

Click > to set the opening balance.

Date for the latest update of the flex balance.

Flex balance of the employee on the current day.