Use this form to select a reason for a change to the service life, depreciation periods, expected scrap value, or sales value for the selected value model or depreciation book.

This form is displayed when you try to save or close the modified value model or depreciation book if the check box is selected in the form.

Open the form

  1. Click > Common Forms> >


    > Common Forms> > .

  2. Modify one or more of the following fields: , , , or .

  3. Press CTRL+S to save the value model or depreciation book.

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Select a reason for the change to the field.

If no code is appropriate, you can right-click in this field, select Go to the Main Table Form, and create a new reason code in the form, if you have the appropriate rights to create or modify reason codes.

Enter a comment about the reason (optional). If a default comment was set up for the reason code, that comment is displayed, but you can modify it.

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