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Use this form to view information about lines in a promissory note that have been created in a draw promissory note journal or in a redraw promissory note journal, and to update the payment status for selected promissory notes.

Note Note

You can select the check box to show only promissory notes that relate to open transactions.

If a ledger journal line that has not been posted is deleted, the corresponding promissory note line, if one exists, is also deleted.

If you redraw honored promissory notes, you must settle the full remaining amount.

Note Note

The latest status is displayed, which means, for example, that a drawn promissory note that is only partially remitted will have a status on the tab.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

List of promissory notes, including the current status. You can see the most recent status on the tab.

General tab

View additional information for the selected promissory note, such as the document date.

Review posted journal lines for the selected promissory note. Click to select the following options:

  • - View the ledger transactions for the promissory note line.

  • - View the vendor transactions for the promissory note line.




Enter the date when the selected promissory note was physically sent to the vendor.

Close the selected open promissory note after all the transactions have been settled.

Cancel the selected promissory note.

View the invoices that are associated with the selected promissory note.

View bank information about the selected promissory note document.




Select the check box to show only open promissory notes.

A unique identifier for promissory notes, which is used when creating new promissory notes.

The vendor account number.

Displays one of the following statuses for the promissory note:

The due date of the transaction.

The date that the transaction was approved.

The date that the remittance file was sent.

The drawn amount in default currency.

The open amount in default currency. The amount is set to zero when a promissory note is settled.

The number of the printed promissory note.

If this check box is selected, the promissory note is closed. Click to close settled transactions.

The sequence number for promissory notes.

The date that the promissory note is sent to the vendor. Click to change the date.

The transaction date.

The voucher number that the transaction is attached to.

The currency code for the transaction.

The amount in currency.

A unique identifier for the remittance file.

The bank account that a remittance has been made to.

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