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Use this form to create a list of employees who are responsible for the follow-up of a campaign or call list target that does not already have a follow-up employee assigned to it.

An activity will automatically be created for each employee if Microsoft Dynamics AX is set up to automatically create target activities. The employee is reminded of the activity through the reminder function in Microsoft Office Outlook if the activities in the application are synchronized with Office Outlook.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




View or edit the total amount of follow-up targets displayed in the field on the tab in the form.

View or edit the total remaining amount of follow-up targets that do not have an employee responsible for follow-up assigned to them.

Select an employee whom you want to add to the distribution list.

View or edit the number of follow-up targets assigned to the active employee. You can manually edit this number.




Query the table for a range of employees.

You can filter and sort the query by employee.

When you run the query, you can clear the distribution list or keep the listed employees.

Tip Tip

To create a new employee in the distribution list, you can press CTRL+N and select the employee you want from the field.

Clear the distribution list of all employees.

Distribute the number of campaign or call list targets equally to the whole list of selected employees.

If there is an uneven number of employees, the rest of the campaign or call list targets will be distributed according to the placement of the employees in the distribution list.

Tip Tip

You can manually distribute the number of follow-up campaign targets by editing the value in the field.

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