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Use this form to create and maintain sales units. A sales unit comprises a manager and salespeople. When you create reports or graphs for management statistics, data might be accumulated for a selected sales unit or for individual salespeople.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.

Filtering records



Select the organization type ( , or ) to filter the form by sales units of the selected type.

Display only the active sales units in the form. This is only possible if you also select .

Display the sales units in a tree control view instead of the grid view.

Clear this check box to revert to the grid view.




Overview tab

View or edit the sales units in the system, their managers, the parent sales unit, and whether the sales unit is active.

General tab

View or edit more detailed information about the active sales unit and the organizational type of the active sales unit.




Open the form, and add personnel to sales units or edit personnel information.

Open the form and add or edit a responsibility.

Open the form and add or edit a responsibility assignment.




A team of employees that is responsible for a common sales target.

The parent ID of a sales unit.

A detailed description of the item.

Select the salesperson responsible for the sales unit.

This check box is selected if the organization is considered active.

The type of organization ( , or ).