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Use this form to enroll employees in a plan to receive awards.

You also can use this form to create exceptions to variable compensation plan elements or parameters in order to award an individual employee differently from the other employees that are covered by the current plan.

Note Note

Variable compensation depends on the compensation level specified on a job, and an employee must be working in an active position in order to receive a variable compensation award.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Enter or view information about the plan or plans that the employee is enrolled in.

View details about a specific enrollment.

The dimensions associated with the current employee. Dimensions on this tab can be changed if required.

View or enter information about a hire rule date, an award percentage, or an award amount that will override the information in a plan.

Indicate one or more organization units whose performance will impact the award, if different from the organization unit in which the employee works.




Select the variable compensation plan that the employee should be enrolled in.

The date from when the variable compensation information is effective.

Date defined on the variable compensation plan. States until when the compensation information is effective.

Enter the status of the employee's variable compensation enrollment status.

Enter a hire rule date to override the date of the employee's enrollment in the variable plan.

If the hire rule on the variable plan is , the award period is based on the period from the date of enrollment in the plan and until the end of the cycle.

Enter an award percent to override the information in a variable compensation plan.

The new award amount is a percentage of the amount that is calculated through the event process.

Enter an award amount to override the information in a variable compensation plan. This award amount becomes the final guideline award and is not affected by any other event process calculations.

Enter one or more organizations to override information about the employee's actual organizational or business unit.

The performance of each organization that you list will determine the employee's guideline award.

The percentage of the total award that is derived from the current organization's performance. The total for the listed organizational units must equal 100%.