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Use this form to prepare a report about variances for ended production orders. For each production order, the report displays the total variance and a detailed breakdown of variances. A report option defines whether the detailed breakdown of variances will be displayed by cost group, or displayed by component, routing operation and indirect cost. The report only applies to items with a standard cost inventory model, and the report is sequenced by production order number. Selectively report information that is based on selection criteria, such as the production order number, the item number, or the ended date of the order.

Use the report to analyze production variances. You can also use the information in the form or the report to analyze production variances.

Navigating the form

The following links and tables provide descriptions for the controls in this report.

Enter criteria on the General tab

Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab




Select the report option. The single-level option provides a detailed breakdown by component, routing operation, and indirect cost. The multilevel option provides a detailed breakdown by cost group. The total option does not provide a detailed breakdown.

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