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Use this form to create request for quote lines by copying lines with the current item number from other requests for quotes.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Copy lines from requests for quotes.




Select the inventory dimensions to display in the form by clicking > .




Select a copy method:

  • - Copy only the item number.

  • - Copy the item number and quantity.

  • - Copy the item number, quantity, and price.

The item identification.

Specifies the attributes of an item.

The size of an item.

The color of an item.

The site where you want to receive the items.

The site specified here is automatically copied from the request for quote line unless you have made the site mandatory for the ordered item in the form > > form.

The warehouse where the item will be stored if purchased.

The item batch number.

The location in the warehouse.

The unique identification for the pallet.

The item serial number.

The quantity of the item.

The unit in which an item is purchased.

The total price of the request for quote after the deduction of discounts and the addition of various expenses (purchase miscellaneous charges).

The identification of the request for quote to copy from.

The highest status of the request for quote line.

The lowest status of the request for quote line.

The item name.