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Use this form to report sales to customers and purchases from vendors with an address in Spain. The sale or purchase must exceed 500,000. Reporting is done electronically to the Spanish tax authorities and takes place annually.

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Customers and vendors without country/region information will also be included in the 347 report. Data is generated automatically by clicking .

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of base data for the reporting.

General tab

View additional information for the selected line.

View totals for operations and amounts.




Generate tax lines for the selected period.

Display generated transactions.

Set up or view validation list for tax report 347.

Export to an ASCII file or print a 347 report.




Fiscal year for the 347 report.

Company tax exempt number.

Name of the reporting company.

Select this check box when the 347 reporting is finished and sent to the sales tax authorities.

When the check box is selected, the declaration lines cannot be edited.

Minimum amount that the report is made for, given in the company's currency.

The minimum amount field cannot be edited from here, but is entered in the field that appears when you click .

Date the report is made.

Identification (ID) of the user that made the report

Telephone number of contact person.

Name of contact person.

Number of purchase operations.

Purchase total amount.

Number of sales operations.

Sales total amount.

Number of payment operations.

Payment total amount.

Number of purchase operations from public entity.

Total amount of purchases from public entity.

Number of subvention operations.

Total amount of subventions.