The Table node lets you specify that one or more variables should be filled in with values selected from one or more fields in a specific table. Because each table field has several values, you should use the tab to specify exactly which line the field value to be assigned to the variable will be taken from. You should specify a kind of search criteria. The field and its value specified on this tab will determine the line from which the value of the field specified on the tab will be taken and assigned to the variable specified on the same tab.

Note Note

If more than one record in the table matches the lookup value or values, the field values returned from the table will come from the first record that was found. For example, if a lookup is made in the table for a specific customer number, the order number that is actually returned will be that of the first order created for this particular customer.

If you want to transfer values from several fields, create one line for each field as follows:

  • Specify the name of the required table field in the field.

  • Specify the variable that should receive each table field value in the field.


A company uses special packing procedures to protect items delivered by mail. When an item is packed, you must know the net weight so that you can select the appropriate packing material.

If you assume that the variable ItemNocontains the number of the item for which the net weight is required, the Table node can be used to provide information about the net weight of each item.