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Use this form to inspect the calculated packing duty. The lines cannot be edited.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of sales order lines with calculated packing duty.

General tab

View additional information for the line that is selected on the tab.




Identification of the invoice.

Posting date of the invoice.

Voucher number for the invoice.

Identification of the selected sales order line.

Identification of the item on the sales order line.

Number of sales units.

Displays the sales tax code that is involved in the transaction. Tax codes are retrieved from .

The sales tax code for purchase duty calculation.

The name of the sales tax code.

Sort code that identifies the packing duty.

Calculated duty per unit.

Packing weight that the calculation is based on. The field is used only for sales taxes that have been calculated on the basis of units sold, as set up in and in in the form, and in the .

Unit used for calculating the per unit amount The purchase duty calculation is based on a fixed amount per unit or the in the form is per unit.