Use this form to define the account intervals that compose the selected account.

The interval definition is the basis for the calculation of the balance of the selected account. You can view the balance in the field in and in the .

Note Note

automatically creates a predefined total of all relevant accounts, starting with the account number of the group total account. The total for cannot be edited.


On the first line, enter account "1000" in the field and account "2000" in the field. The calculation sums the amounts of all accounts in this interval.

If you want the to include other account intervals, create a new line for each interval.

If you want to subtract an interval amount from the total of the other intervals, select the check box on the interval line.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View the list of ledger account intervals for the account selected in .

General tab

View the information on the tab for the selected line.




Select the first account in the interval covered by the total.

Select the last account in the interval covered by the total. An interval can consist of one account.

Select to reverse sign for interval before totaling in the field on the total account.