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The allocation process collects one or more values from a source data record and distributes the totals of the values to one or more accounts or account and dimension combinations according to an allocation rule that is defined using the form.

For more information, refer to Create an allocation rule.

Use this form to create an allocation journal that can be reviewed and approved prior to posting to General ledger, or posted directly to General ledger.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




General tab

Enter the allocation rule to create an allocation journal for that rule.





Create an allocation journal.


Closes the form without saving your changes.




Select an allocation rule.

The description for the allocation rule.

If the allocation rule that you select has a date interval code, this field determines the date from which to start collecting source information.

If the allocation rule that you selected does not have a date interval code, the information in this field is the ending date. Ledger amounts will be collected based on this date during allocation processing.

The date that the allocation journal was posted to General ledger.

Select the action to be taken when the allocation process creates source amounts equal to zero that are to be allocated.

  • – Continue with the allocation process and create destination distributions where applicable.

  • – Stop the allocation process and display a message that indicates that a zero source amount is selected.

Select a proposal option. Select to save and view journal details or select to post the allocation results directly to the ledger.

The date that the allocation rule was last processed and distributions were successfully created. However, the distribution transactions might not be posted.

To put the transaction on hold until a specified date, enter that date. You still can modify the transaction, and it can be posted on or after this date.

If this field is blank, the transaction can be posted at any time.

Note Note

You can clear this field to remove the hold.

Select the reason for the allocation journal. Reasons with an account type of appear in the list. For more information, see About financial reason codes.

Enter a reason description (optional).

If you select a reason code before you enter a reason comment, the default comment that is set up for the reason code is displayed. You still can change the comment.