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Use this form to create and manage reduction keys. You can use a reduction key to set up consumption of sales and purchase forecast requirements. The program uses the requirements to calculate the master schedule.

When you set up a reduction key, you can define time periods during which you want the forecast consumption to occur and you can specify consumption percentages that you want to apply for each time period.

You can link a reduction key to the Coverage groups (form).

Tip Tip

To use a reduction key you must select the option in the field in the setup. If you select the option, forecast requirements are consumed by actual order quantities instead.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create and manage reduction keys.

Set up the time periods and corresponding consumption percentages that you want to apply when the program calculates requirements.




Open the . You can use the wizard to create a reduction key and lines.




Enter a unique ID for the reduction key.

Enter a name for the reduction key.

Select this field if you want the reduction key to be valid from the date that you enter in the field. If the field is blank, the reduction key periods apply from the current date (system date).

The date from which the reduction key is valid. This field is used with the field, which you must select. If the field is blank, the program uses the current year based on the system date.

This field is linked to the value in the field and specifies the incremental change in the unit of time.


If the field contains 30, and the field specifies Days, the reduction key period is for 30 days.

Select the time unit for the reduction key period. You can select from , , and .

Enter a percentage amount by which the forecast requirements are reduced for the period. You may use either positive (reduction) or negative (increase) values in the field.


The forecast states requirements of 1,900 pieces every 30 days. If you use a reduction key of 10% for 90 days, the requirement is adjusted to 1,710 pieces.

If you create an additional reduction key line of -20% (indicating an increase) for a period of 120 days, the requirement is adjusted to 2,280 pieces (1,900 pieces + 20%) after 90 days.

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