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Use this form to view requests from customers and to sign up customers. The requests come from the customer's role or activity center in enterprise portal.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View and edit a list of requests from customers.

General tab

View and edit general information about the selected customer.




Different records are displayed according to the filter setting you select.




Update the form.

Approve the request.

Sign up customer from customer self-service.

Open a menu with the following items:

  • - Resend the activation link to the user.

  • - Send the alias and domain to the user.

Send a temporary password to the user.




Identification of the registration query assigned from the number sequence on the form.

Created date and time

Date and time on which the record was created.

If a registered customer wants to sign up a new contact person, the field is filled out. The customer number or account number is a unique field that is used to identify the customer or the vendor (a vendor can also be a customer). It must be specified when you create a customer or a vendor. The customer or vendor account number is automatically generated if specified in the customer or vendor account number sequence.

Name of the company sending the query.

Employee e-mail address.

Name of the external contact person from the form.

Indicates whether or not the customer has been set up.

E-mail address for the user who is signing up.

Part of the company's address; the street name.

City for postal (zip) code.

Unique identification of the country/region, that can be attached to, for example, the and forms.

Identify the postal (zip) code district.

Identification of state.

Specifies the county in the current country/region.

User's telephone number.

User's fax number.

Language code to be used on forms.