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Use this form to define the intervals in the calendar year that are used to calculate the selected using the depreciation method.

  • Create a line for each of the calendar year intervals that you defined in the field in the form.

  • Enter a depreciation percentage in each line.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Enter and view the intervals, percentages, and cumulative percentage for the selected depreciation profile.

General tab

View the depreciation profile and the percentage of depreciation in the selected interval.




Displays the cumulative percentage for the entire calendar year at the top of the form. During the calendar year, the depreciation percentages are added to each other to create the cumulative percentage of depreciation for the elapsed intervals.

Identification of the depreciation profile.

The individual depreciation period, whether you are depreciating yearly, quarterly, monthly, or half-yearly. For example, enter a 1 for the first period of depreciation and enter a 4 for the fourth period of depreciation.

The depreciation percentage of the depreciable value for each interval.

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