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Use this form to gain an overview of the contact persons that you have marked as your contacts for synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Provides an overview of all the contacts that you have marked for synchronization with Outlook. The contact person identification, name, and synchronization type is displayed for each of your contacts.

General tab

Provides details about the synchronization data for the specific contact, displaying the Outlook entry identification and the date and time of the last synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Outlook for the selected contact.




Open the form and display contact data for the specific contact person.

  • Open a menu with the following items:

  • : Select the contacts that you want to synchronize with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • : Select the contacts that you want to synchronize with Outlook.

Synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Outlook.




Identification of the contact person.

Contact person's name.

Indicates what editing rights the employee has for the contact person data in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Outlook synchronization folder identification ID.