Use this form to display sales orders that are attached to the current shipment.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Displays a list of sales orders attached to the current shipment.

General tab

Displays more information about the sales order selected on the Overviewtab.




A unique field that is used to identify a sales order; it must be specified when you create a sales order.

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Displays a list of all existing customers.

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The name of the customer to whom you want to deliver the ordered goods. You can set up one or more delivery name and addresses in the form.

Optional freight zone information. You can specify a freight zone that is used to manually calculate freight expenses.

Select this check box if this is a new customer that you do not expect to receive more orders from. If the check box is selected, a new customer is created.

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Request a UPS pickup for returned items.

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The street name of the address.

The postal (zip) code for the delivery address.

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City for the postal (zip) code.

Specify the region for the delivery (US = County).

The state for the delivery.

Unique identification of the country/region. This can be attached to customers and vendors.

The date that the customer originally requested to receive the order.

The date that the selling company should ship the item in order to meet the customer's requested receipt date.

The date that the selling company confirms that the customer will receive the order on this date.

The date that the selling company confirms that the order will be shipped.

Select for automatic calculation of possible ship and receipt dates.

Terms of delivery for the current sales order, such as free on board (FOB) or cost, insurance, freight (CIF). The terms of delivery specify delivery terms that are related to change of ownership and costs of delivery. The terms of delivery must exist in the form.

Select the purpose of this order, such as sales, transfer to warehouse, or sample.

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Description of why the goods are being sent, for example as gifts or samples.