Use this form to create and manage customer bank accounts.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create and view the customer bank accounts.

General tab

View the information on the tab for the selected bank account.

Setup tab

Enter and view information about validation and payments for the selected bank account.

Address tab

Enter or view the address of the selected bank account.

Contact info tab

Enter or view contact information for the selected bank account.




Number that identifies the customer bank account.

Name used to identify this account on printed reports and in other places throughout Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Select or view a bank group from the list and the bank group's address is automatically copied to the vendor bank account.

Number that the bank uses to identify itself.

Displays the bank-assigned account number for the customer.

The Control Internal Number required for national vendor payments. This field is available only when the Italy country/region key is selected.

Select or view the validation method used to validate bank account numbers.

Used to separate payments via Postgiro Bank Invoice Payment Service.

Validation method used to validate bank account numbers.

Enter or view the ESR account number.

Customer account number.

Identifies the type of routing number when making international payments. The number of digits used for the different routing number types are:

Bank code


Bankleitzahl (Austria)

Bankleitzahl (Germany)

Canadian payment association (Canada)

CHIPS participant id (US)

CHIPS code (UID no.) (US)


Sort code (UK / Ireland)

Note Note

The field can be used in conjunction with the field. It is mandatory in certain payment formats if routing number is filled in.

Payment format


Danske Bank Teleservice - Internationale betalinger (Denmark)


SWIFT (Sweden)


SWIFT payment code is used for money transfer to foreign countries/regions. Every bank has its own SWIFT code, also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code).

International bank account number. Max 34 alphanumeric characters.

Enter or view domiciliation number for Belgian banks.

Code specifying a text on the account statement of the recipient.

Message to the bank sent with the payment.

Reference number of any forward-term or fixed-term rate of exchange.

Enter the street name of the address.

Select or view the postal code.

City for the postal code.

Select or view a county within a state in the current country/region.

Select or view a state in the current country/region.

Unique identification of the country/region. This identification can be attached to, for example, and .

Enter or view the bank address.

Contact person in the bank who handles this account.

Main telephone number for the bank.

If there is a direct dial number for your contact person at the bank, enter that number here.

Pager number.

Telephone number of the vendor contact's mobile phone.

Fax number for the bank.

E-mail address used for correspondence with the bank regarding this account.

E-mail address for sending SMS to a mobile phone.

Web home page address of the bank holding this account.

Tip Tip

You can specify a Web home page address of up to 80 characters.

Telex number at the bank. The telex number can be an alphanumeric string of up to 20 characters.

Exchange rate between payment and invoice, if they are in different currencies.