Use this form to insert a FOR node into the modeling tree.

Note Note

Make sure that the control variable actually makes the condition FALSE; otherwise, the FOR node (and therefore the entire configuration) will continue to execute without stopping.

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Description of the loop.

Set the loop's control variable to the value it should have when loop execution begins. For example, if the control variable is called counter, the following line of code would initialize it to the value one:

counter  = 1

Specify an operation for updating the control variable. This operation will be carried out once for each of the loop's iterations. For example, the step you specify could be to add one to the value of counter:

counter  =  counter  + 1

- or -

counter ++

Specify the state that the control variable should be in for the loop to continue executing. The expression should normally be a logical condition, and when this condition evaluates to FALSE, loop execution ends.

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