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Use this form to enter license codes and to view the name of the license holder, the system's serial number, and the system's expiration date.

To use Microsoft Dynamics AX, you must enter license codes manually or import the license file by clicking . You can also examine the field to see that each code is verified. The necessary information is supplied in your license document.

Note Note

We recommend that you store your license file in a secure location, known only to Microsoft Dynamics AX administrators.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




View the complete set of license codes that are loaded.

View license codes for main menu modules.

View license codes for modules created by Microsoft Dynamics AX partners.

View license codes for Web functionality.

View license codes for different languages.




Enter license information by using a file provided by Microsoft.




Enter the seven-character license code. For security reasons, the characters you enter are displayed as asterisks.

The name of the license that this code is associated with can also be displayed in this field.

Displays the status of the license code.

The field displays OKfor valid license codes. A certificate symbol is also displayed to the right of this field for valid codes.

Sometimes this field displays a number, such as the maximum number of users. (You can determine what the number is based on the code description.)

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