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Use this form to transfer part of the value of the selected fixed asset value model to a value model for another fixed asset.

Because various value models can be attached to a fixed asset, verify that you have selected the correct value model before you start this process. All the fields on the form must be filled in.

Note Note

You must create the fixed asset and value model that you are transferring the value to before you split the selected fixed asset.


Suppose that the furniture in a meeting room—a table and 12 chairs—is recorded and depreciated as one asset. You want to sell the chairs.

  1. Create a new fixed asset with an appropriate value model in with no value amounts.

  2. Click > > > > .

  3. Select the new fixed asset in the field and its value model in the field.

  4. Select a , enter a , for example, 0.50, and select the journal name that will be used for the transaction.

  5. Click OK.

The chairs are now a separate fixed asset and can be sold, and the table continues its service life and is depreciated on the basis of its new, reduced value.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




The fixed asset that will be split.

The value model that the fixed asset to be split is in.

Select the fixed asset that the value is transferred to.

Select the fixed asset value model that the value is transferred to.

Enter or select the date when the asset value split occurs.

Enter the percentage of the value of the selected fixed asset that is transferred to the new fixed asset.

Enter the name of the journal that the split transaction is posted to.




Splits the asset.

Closes the window without saving changes.