Use this form to register jobs and activities according to company policy. For example, employees in some companies may only have to clock in and out, whereas others must register every time they start a new job, go on a break, or leave and return from lunch.

Note Note

The form can be configured for specific purposes and may have different buttons and fields depending on the setup. For additional information, see Configure a registration form.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Clocks the employee in or out, depending on the current employee status.

Clocks the employee in or out, depending on the current employee status and requires you to state a reason for the absence.

Show scheduled jobs from production orders or projects.

Give feedback on production jobs started by the employee.

Show available indirect activities for registration.

Change status between and .

Show employees you can connect to and work as an assistant.

Approve the registrations, such as after choosing which production job to start.

Cancel any selections made.

Shows registrations for the employee.

Select another production area.

Show jobs related to projects.

Show payroll statistical balances for the employee.

Switches to the secondary button functions (and vice versa).

Display selected jobs.

Show next message.

Show previous message.

Mark the selected message as read.

Open inventory journal.

Open project fee journal.

Open project item journal.

Show production jobs for the selected production area.




Enter employee identification in this box.

Note Note

The drop-down list is not available if one of the fields or has been selected in the form.

Enter job identification, such as by using a barcode scanner.

View the employee name for the registered employee identification.

View whether the employee is currently clocked in or out.

Current balance of flexible hours for the employee.

Date for last update of flex balance.

Shows messages from the notice board for the employee.

Date when the message was issued.

Select to show that you have read the message.

Shows identification of the employee.

Shows employee name.

Select to register as assistant to this employee.

Reference in the related module for example a production number.

Type of operation.

Identification of the operation.

Unique job identification.

Shows the job type for example a production process.

Job is scheduled for this work center.

Shows the scheduled start date for the job.

Shows the scheduled start time for the job.

Select to start this job.

Enter a quantity to start for a production process.

Shows employees working on the selected job.

If registered, shows whether the job is bundled.

Click to change status.

The job reference type identification.

Unique job identification.

Start time of the job.

Stop time of the job.

Quantity of good items registered on this production job.

Quantity of scrap items registered on this production job.

If selected, the job has been registered as finished.

Select if the employee is still working on this job.

Job identification for an absence registration

Identification of the indirect activities category.

Description of the indirect category.

Identification of the indirect activity.

Description for the activity.

Unique job identification.

Select to register on this activity.

Absence group identification.

Description of the absence group.

Select to register absence on this group.

Absence code identification.

Description of the absence code.

Unique identification of this job.

Select to register absence on this code.

Shows the profile selection for the employee for the day.

Shows current weekday.

Start time for this profile type.

End time for this profile type.

Profile type, for example or .

Shows the last date for calculation.

Calculated pay time for the last calculated date.

Calculated overtime for the last calculated date.

Calculated absence time for the last calculated date.

Name of the payroll statistic.

Balance for this payroll statistic after the last calculated date.

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