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Use this form to obtain an overview of backorders, research missing deliveries, and view expected ship dates.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View the status of items on backorder.

View information about the order selected on the tab.




The menu on the button changes depending on the selected view.

If you have selected the view, click:

  • to set up your dimensions display.

If you have selected the view, click:

  • to view inventory transactions attached to the selected sales order line.

  • to view the on-hand inventory for the current item.

  • to obtain an overview of the lot attached to the sales order line.

  • form to set up your dimensions display.




Enter or select a date up to which you want to view backorders.

Displays the week number of the backorder date.

Displays the day of the week of the backorder date.

Displays inventory transactions on the tab.

Displays order lines on the tab.

Select this check box to connect and . For example, if you change the view from to , the sales lines that are associated with the currently displayed inventory transaction are listed.

Shows the date of the expected transaction, for example, the ship date for a sales order.

The current issue status for issue transactions.

Sales order number of the backorder.

Item identification.

Item configuration used to specify an item with specific attributes. For more information, see Configuration.

Size of the item.

Color of the item.

Warehouse from which the items are to be delivered.

Batch number dimension.

Location in the warehouse.

Unique identification for the pallet.

Serial number dimension.

Quantity in inventory units for the transaction.

Identifies the project that generated the inventory transaction.

Customer account number.

Customer name.

Name of the contact person.

Customer delivery address.

Telephone number of the customer contact person.

E-mail address of the customer contact person.

Order type.

Shows the identification of the project to which the sales order is attached.

Shows the sales order status.

Indicates which document was last printed from/updated for the current sales order. For more information, see Document status.

The sales order deadline is automatically calculated as today's date plus the number of days specified in in the form.