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In Application Integration Framework (AIF), there are two types of actions:

  • ServiceOperation

  • SendXML

A ServiceOperation action defines an action that is available from a service. A SendXML action defines an action that is independent of any service or class and is used in X++ to send XML (outbound).

The form displays all of the actions that are available. The first time that you open this form, the actions for the services that ship with Microsoft Dynamics AX appear in the grid.

ServiceOperation actions are defined in the AOT as part of a service so all ServiceOperation actions are read only. However, the form is used to add, modify, or delete a SendXML action.

Tasks that use this form

See topic "Create and configure a SendXML action" in the Server and Database Administration Help.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




View the available actions.

View the details for the selected action.




The unique identifier of the action.

The friendly name of the action.

Select this check box to enable the action.

The externally-facing action name.

The optional description of the action.

The current error status of the action (read-only).

The type of action (read-only):