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Use this form to view BLWI transactions and, if it is required, to update the transactions before you transfer data to BLWI.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View, enter, and update BLWI transactions.

General tab

View and change a specific transaction line.




Transfer data to the BLWI transaction form.

Print the BLWI report.

Create the BLWI report in XML format.




Select the survey code for the transaction.

Display the voucher number for the transaction.

Displays the invoice number for the transaction.

The date on which the transaction was created.

The code used when reporting to the central bank.

Select whether this is a customer or a vendor transaction.

Displays the number identifying the account

The currency code is copied automatically when the order is created.

Displays the amount in currency.

Invoice amount recalculated in the default currency.

Unique identification of the country/region. This can be attached to customers and vendors.

The check box is selected if the transaction was auto-generated by the system.

Displays the transaction amount in default currency.

Select the check box to include the transaction in BLWI.

Select the reporting date.